The PVX series pumps were designed with customer needs in mind, for outstanding performance and for long, dependable service.

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  • Identical dimensions for mobile and industrial applications

  • Identical dimensions for oil-based, water-based or synthetic fluids

  • Works with a wide variety of hydraulic fluids, including fire resistant

  • Allows unrestricted mounting orientations: horizontal, slanted, sideturned or vertical (Air-purge option in vertical or side-turned positions is offered upon request)

  • Displacement range of 0.6-12 ci/r, split across 5 frame sizes

  • Rotating group design relies on more than 35 years of proven performance record:
  • a) Incorporate soft-on-hard rotation of manganese-bronze rotor on hardened surface of the valve plate

    b) Incorporate soft-on-hard sliding of manganese-bronze piston shoes on hardened surface of the swash-plate

    c) Incorporate soft-on-hard spline engagement of manganese-bronze rotor and ETD 150 steel shaft

    d) Incorporate pistons equipped with individual springs

    e) Incorporate piston assembly that uses riveted piston-ball socket that does not ‘freeze’ and can withstands high tensile/compressive forces

  • Pump speed and performance timing does not change with age, wear or fluid characteristics

  • Rotor is always dynamically balanced in axial and circumferential directions

  • Rotor does not ‘freeze’ on the shaft

  • Rotating group hydrodynamic balance does not change with age, wear or fluid characteristics

  • In-board trunnions provide direct support to the swash-plate, with mechanically efficient, fast swivel time

  • Dynamic controlling design of the angular positioning of the swash-plate relies on 35 years of proven performance record
  • a) Volume control defines maximum displacement; Responds to line pressure

    b) Null control defines minimum displacement or deadhead stop; Responds to command signals from pump control

    c) When null control command-signal is ON, pump stays on stroke; Reduction in command signal destrokes the pump via volume control force

  • All PVX pumps use the same standard-line of control modules and can be equipped with electronic pressure control, electronic flow control or both

  • Control modules are stackable and can be added or removed at customers site at all times by qualified personnel
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