Remote Pressure Compensator
Variable Displacement Pumps Models 324/424


The remote pressure compensator control is designed for those applications where frequent adjustment of the compensating pressure and/or multiple pressure control circuits is desired. It adjusts pump delivery automatically to meet system flow requirements while maintaining the preselected pressure.

The compensator pressure setting is determined by the setting of the pilot relief valve, located at a convenient position remote from the pump. When the pump discharge pressure is below the setting of the remote valve, fluid is ported through the compensator valve spool to the large control piston, stroking the pump. When the discharge pressure reaches the desired setting, the relief valve opens and the compensator valve opens reducing pump flow to maintain the set pressure.

The remote compensator can be used in a two pressure (hi-low) circuit by adding a two-way valve between the pilot line to the remote relief valve and reservoir. When the two way valve is open, system compensating pressure is determined by the spring setting in the compensator valve. When the two-way valve Is closed, system pressure Increases to the sum of the spring setting and the setting of the remote relief valve. Additional two-way valves and relief valves connected in a series between the pilot line and the reservoir can be Included to obtain Intermediate pressure settings. Distances between pump and control of 50 feet or less can be used without affecting pump response time. For systems that require distances from pump to control in excess of 50 feet, contact the factory.

Relief valves are recommended in all systems and should be set at 10% over the desired compensator setting. In systems using accumulators or pressure compensated flow control valves, a check valve must be installed at the pump outlet port. This is desirable in all systems.

OPTIONAL ADJUSTABLE VOLUME — The maximum desired volume to be pumped can be controlled by the volume limit adjustment. This adjustment screw limits the maximum angle of the reaction plate to a predetermined maximum.

System Diagram

Drive Shaft Rotation

Pump Rotation of shaft* Oil Flow lnlet Outlet
PF 324 R (CW only) CW A B
PF 424 L (CCW only) CCW B A

*As viewed from the front or shaft end.
**As viewed from the port end (nameplate up).

Typical Performance

PV 320 1800 RPM 120° Mobil DTE 26

PV 320 2400 RPM 120° Mobil DTE 26

PV 420 1800 RPM 120° Mobil DTE 26

PV 420 2400 RPM 120° Mobil DTE 26


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