Pumps & Motors for
Fire Resistant Fluids

  • Designed to be used up to 300 psi and 1800 rpm

  • Improve plant safety

  • Lower fluid cost

  • Reduce pollution

"FR" Series Option (Mounts must be installed at the factory)

Design Code
"FR" Series
Mounting Bracket
or Adapter Installed
Specify When Pump
to be Mounted
7C SAE C 2-Bolt Drive Mount Adapter On a bell housing or accessory gearcase
7F Foot Mounting Bracket Assy Separately from the electric motor

"FR" Series Pumps & Motors have been tested for endurance using these fire resistant fluids:

  • Invert Emulsion — Mobil Pyrogard D or equivalent

  • Water Qlycol — Houghton Houghto-Safe 620 or equivalent

  • "95-5" — Contact factory

These pumps and motors are designed specifically to handle fire resistant fluids such as water glycols and invert emulsions up to 3000 psi and 1800 rpm. The rolling element bearings at the drive shaft end of the pump are sealed in an oil bath, separating them from the "FR" fluid. Self-lubricating bearings are used on the reaction plate and drive shaft tail for maximum support. Chrome plated control pistons ride in bronze sleeved control bores providing excellent bearing qualities.

Models available include:
PF 300, MF 300
PF 400, MF 400 - Fixed Displacement
PV 310, PV 410 - Handwheel
PV 320, PV 420 - Standard Pressure Compensator
PV 324, PV 424 - Remote Pressure Compensator
PV 325, PV 425 - Load-Sensing Control

For higher ratings, contact factory.


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