Displacement 0.5 cu. in. per rev.
Torque 8 in. lbs. per 100 psi
Maximum Speed 2000 rpm
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi
Maximum H.P. @ Maximum Speed 7.6 h.p.
Flow Rate 0.22 gpm per 100 rpm
WK² 0.766 lb. in.²
Rotational Acceleration (theor.) 90,000 rad. per sec.²
(100 psi across ports driving motor inertia only)
Contained Oil (Port to Port) 1.26 cu. in.
Compressed Oil Volume 0.63 cu. in.
Max. Case Pressure 25 psi



The Rol-Vane Hydraulic Motor is an efficient and compact means of applying variable speed rotary hydraulic power.

Linear Output Torque with constant input pressure. The pulseless torque is created by having a constant area operated on by a constant pressure at a constant radius.

Symmetrical Reversibility is obtained by having identical flow paths within the motor.

Self-Lubrication provided by the driving fluid.

Balanced Pressure Areas and the elimination of mechanical rubbing surfaces minimizes breakaway friction torque loss permitting maximum stall torque, inching and fractional rpm.

Service may be continuous, intermittent, reversed or stalled under load. Adequate protection should be provided to prevent shock loadings from exceeding maximum pressure ratings.

Minimum Speed determined by the fluid control device.



Filtration following good hydraulic practice is recommended for all installations. For system pressures above 1000 psi, 10 micron filtration ahead of the motor is required.

Mounting Position no restriction.

Overhung and Radial Loads not permitted. Consult factory.

Coupling should have the ability to compensate, without undue loading for some unavoidable variations in alignment. The coupling should also insure the axial freedom of the motor shaft under no-load and loaded conditions. Maximum run out of .003 permissable on shaft alignment.

Maximum Rate of Oil Temperature change 7°F./min.

Temperature recommended operating range 100°F to 130°F.

Working Fluid should be a premium grade of anti-wear hydraulic oil with a viscosity range of 150-475 SSU @ 100°F. A minimum of 125 psi back pressure is recommended in the return line to insure proper lubrication.



The standard motor is flange mounted with or without auxiliary tachometer drive extension. Face and foot mountings available. For all special modifications on mounting, single or double shaft extensions, manifolds for servo-valves and etc., consult factory.


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